Child labour

Child labour a taboo really? Children under the age of 14 years are prohibited to work under the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, but despite this you can find hundreds to thousands of children working daily for their survival. What measures are taken to rescue them. Even if they are rescued are they provided with basic facilities. Leaving certain percentage, most of these children work to fight with poverty. We just shout child labour, we feel pity seeing children work in canteen to dhabas, as cobblers and so on. But more than feeling pity we do nothing. We just look at them, discuss among ourselves how their childhood is lost and so on.

Other day I was reading a report on child labour. How children are exploited on daily basis; how they are paid less wages and made to work hard and so on. But none of the reports discussed why they are forced to work. The root cause of their work is poverty. Most of the poor parents are forced to send their children to work for their survival. Is this a taboo only for poor parents….. Is this not applicable for the so-called high-class families, where they send the children to work in serials, movies, ad commercials and make them work for hours. why this question is not raised by anyone surprising right???

Just thinking about it……..


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