In and around my daughter

Now its 2.5 years that I am a devoted mother. There are may things that I have gone through in this small phase of motherhood. Laughed, cried, got irritated, cursed myself and so on. This has been a life-time experience. I thought its very easy to raise a child, but I was wrong. Its really, really difficult. These 2.5 years have thought me how much my mother has gone through to raise me up. Now that I am a mother, I can realizes how many sacrifices my mother has made to bring me up, be it her career or her life.

I cherish this life. I love my daughter. Sometimes I too get irritated by the way she behaves. Sometimes I yell at her, sometime I ignore her when she behaves badly. But there is no change. I get more and more irritated with this. But all this vanishes when my little angel smiles at me. Her smile makes me forget that I am angry and I hug her. Love you loads my darling!


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